Who has the time to build a website?


You're busy running your business. Your day is filled with handling urgent matters, making customers happy and managing your business. You don't have time to sit for hours and create a website. We can't say we blame you. The state of website builders today is astonishingly awful. It's 2016, and you're still forced to spend hours (days?) building a site you'll probably not be happy with.

Welcome to Otonomic.

The world's first platform for small business websites that design themselves. Beautiful, powerful websites made just for businesses, using Artificial Intelligence. Simply connect your Facebook Page or other social media, add some content, and Voila! Get a modern, professional website that actually helps you grow your business, created using our powerful AI designer. What's more, it's super-easy to maintain and control, all by yourself (it's true!).

Artificial Intelligence that designs & builds your website for you.

Get a website that grows your business, using the power of AI. This isn't another Do-It-Yourselfwebsite builder.

Otonomic imports your existing business content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, plus any other content you throw at it, to Auto-Magically design and build a beautiful, powerful and unique website just for your business.

Finally, a site that builds itself so that you don't have to.

Empower your business
with a 21st century website.

Your website should be focused on growing your small business. We built Otonomic just for small businesses who want to use the power of the Internet to grow. Unleash that power with a site that uses cutting edge web technology, designed with the goal of growing your business.

Doesn't your business deserve a state-of-the-art website that's smart and good looking, too?

Get started for Free. We don't want anything stopping you from getting a great site. Start with a Free Otonomic.com domain, or upgrade to a premium plan when you're ready to publish to your own domain name.

Do-It-For-Me, Computer.

Because DIY Website builders are so last year.

Forget about having to DIY your website design with templates, dragging-and-dropping or dealing with design. Our AI design engine does it all for you. With Otonomic, simply connect your business's social media and our AI designer imports your content and creates you a site Auto-Magically.

We also automatically keep your site up-to-date as you post new content on your social media or add new content to your site.

Finally, getting a great website for you business is fast and easy.
So, what are you waiting for exactly?

Just add Content. Presto!


Chances are you have a Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account and more. No other website builder lets you automatically import all of your business information and social media content with a click, to create and setup your site in a jiffy. Plus, add all kinds of other content easily, without having to worry about the design or layout.

Why work twice? Your content is already out there - now get it on your site, Auto-Magically.

Call-to-Actions that drive growth.


What call-to-actions are fundamental to your business growth? We made it ridiculously simple to define buttons that align with your business goals - and let you grow, grow, grow. Want people to call you, start a real-time chat or book a session? Choose from 10 different call-to-actions, plus automatic features that deeply engage your visitors.

It's time to let the Internet help you grow.

A site that designs itself.


Let's face it, you're not a website designer. Do-It-Yourself website builders make you to spend hours (upon hours) designing your site. Forget DIY, your site should Just-Design-Itself. Here's what Oto, your AI Designer does:

  • Auto-magic design and layout of your site
  • Updates itself as you add content or post on your social media
  • Auto-Import your content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more
  • 100s of colors and fonts, 1000s of free gorgeous stock photos and videos
Focus on your business, and get a website that designs itself.

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